Tuesday, July 27, 2010

after a while....

setelah sekian lame tidak mengepost.. huhu.. harini nk POST... apakah???? ok2..

my activities today:

morning til evening - class

late evening - cooking for dinner (dinner with nisa' today...)

nite - helping cici with her interview tomorrow...

so sbnrny nilah purpose ak menulih mlm nih.. mgkin ini bkn bidang ak, tpi perhaps i may help in some ways... mase cici n ily ngah sibuk argue pasal pharmacy and medicine, ak tergerak lak nk tulih possible questios tuk interview tuh...

tuk pengetahuan semua, bagi sesiapa yg sedang or akan mengambil ausmat/sam, major in pharmacy/dentistry/medicine, bounded to new zealand, an interview for university of otago is compulsory for you to get the conditional letter n finally ensuring u a placement.

the possible questions are:

1) current disease
2) your opinion on the free syringe for drug addicts
3) the difference between pharmacy and medicine
4) can you work in group?
5) how do you in group?
6) for Muslim guys, what will you do if your class clashes with Friday prayers?
7) for Muslim girls, is it ok for you to expose your aurat while treating patients?
8) why should we choose you?
9) why did you choose to become a doctor/pharmacy?
10) work ethics as a doctor or pharmacist
11) how did you see yourself in 10 years?
12) what is your favourite subject?
13) what should a leader be like?
14) what is your specialty that could help Malaysians?
15) what are your special qualities?
16) what are the steps you would do in order to dispense medication to patients who come to your pharmacy?

for your information, ini adalah hasil survey dari seniors yg dah lalui interview nih..
finally, tggu jelah resultny...

hopefully, dgn ni, sape2 nak atau akan lalui semua ni taun depan or the year after that, xbyk... at least sikit info yg korg dpt dgn mmbca post nih..

utk kwn2 ak yg akn berjuang hari esok, smoga berjaya n Allah bersama korg...

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